Trapper Jack

Speaker and Broadcaster



Did You Hear What God Just Said?


We sometimes struggle to hear God’s voice in our daily lives.

What’s your burning bush?  How is God communicating with you?

Blind radio host Trapper Jack, a humorous master storyteller, helps to fortify the faithful by exposing the awe-inspiring every day miracles that brought him, and millions of others around the world, back to God.

Together, let’s keep your people in the pews

by helping them discover 

how to listen.



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Trapper Jack

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Most Reverend Roger W. Gries, O.S.B., Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Cleveland

“I have had the opportunity to share the stage with Trapper. His blindness was accepted as a gift from God. I encourage him to share his faith story and pray that many doors will be opened for him to evangelize the hearers.”

Deacon Dave Lundeen, St. Mark Catholic Church, Cleveland

“The minute long standing ovation says it all. Trapper Jack’s talk was wildly successful. His message will heat-up even the lukewarm!”

Legatus Members, Cleveland

“He needs to come back again.”

“Great speaker!”

“Best speaker in quite awhile!”

“It was obvious that he even touched the hearts of the staff.”

Elizabeth Simpson, St. Edward High School Mothers' Club

“Trapper really connected with the crowd–his message as well as his own life story is so inspiring, and he tells it in such a way that it is funny but also powerful.”

Trapper’s Podcasts

Touched by Heaven - Everyday Encounters with God

Our faith can slip if it is not constantly reinforced. This podcast blasts away all doubt of the awesome power of our God by highlighting the miraculous, daily collisions of heaven and earth. By exposing these encounters with angels, divine intervention, visions, and God-incidents, Touched by Heaven fortifies us and can help awaken our fallen away loved ones.

Blind Faith Live

Real People. Real Miracles.

Here you will learn how to experience more of God and build a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

About Trapper

Trapper Jack left what he felt was a boring and disconnected God. After a series of miraculous encounters, his faith was ignited.

Legally blind, Trapper made a name for himself as a family-friendly morning radio host for 30+ years. He is married to his wife, Elizabeth, and has two adult children.

Since his departure from secular radio in 2012, Trapper has taken to using his microphone to share his faith through podcasts and inspirational talks.

The miraculous brought Trapper back. Suddenly, God became real and Trapper understood that he was being called into a relationship. He believes sharing God’s miraculous encounters will help keep people in the pews with the realization that God is far from boring.

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